This page offers a suggestion for facilitating a group discussion on the main themes raised in this chapter.

Exercise 1: Why bother with tax? Making the case for your organisation.

Aim:To establish why tax is relevant to the work of different organisations, networks and communities.

Discussion exercise in groups: Share the case studies and quotes from the chapter on ‘Why bother with tax?’ with the groups. Do any of these examples seem relevant to them?
Ask groups to discuss ways they think tax is relevant to their organisation, network or community.

In plenary: Ask the groups to share their main conclusions. Discuss as appropriate.

Chapter 1: Why bother with tax?

By now you should:

  • be familiar with a range of key tax justice issues, including the potential benefits of tax (the four ‘Rs’) and the various means through which countries are deprived of tax revenue
  • understand how these tax issues relate to your organisation, network or community.

The next steps are to think about your tax advocacy strategy, including:

  • identifying the tax issue that is pertinent to your organisation
  • doing your problem and solution analysis
  • identifying your tax stakeholders and your key targets and allies
  • setting your goals and objectives
  • coming up with indicators to measure your progress
  • developing tax messages for your different audiences.

Chapter 2 provides guidance on this.